8. Change History

Version 0.16 (2016-11-14)

Anonymous Users & Login Dialogs
The built-in Start and Help apps can now be used by anonymous users (non-logged-in users). Users can then login via the top-right menu and any restricted app will automatically display the new built-in login dialog if accessed without valid permissions.
Refactored Access Control & Permissions
The role-based access controls have been refactored to support different types of access (read, search, internal, etc) and to be fully based on storage paths (instead of object types and names). All hard-coded refereces to the built-in admin role has also been removed, as the default configuration is now sufficient.
New Icons & Refined Widgets
FontAwesome icons are now available and used for many of the standard icons. This means better rendering in all sizes and in all resolutions. The Table, Progress and Popup widgets have also been restyled for a more modern look.
Improved Documentation & Help App
The built-in Help app has been much improved, and the on-line documentation is now much clearer and up-to-date. The built-in test plug-in now provides an Example app that shows all widgets and icons available.
Bug Fixes & API Changes
Lots of minor API changes have also been made and several JavaScript functions have been moved to the built-in legacy plug-in. Also, a number of bugs have been fixed to improve storage handling, session termination, connection management, etc.

Version 0.15 (2012-04-24)

Persistent Sessions
User sessions are now stored to files on the server. These are kept for up to 30 days, meaning that users do not have to login as frequently as before (provided that their web browser cookies are intact).
Password Changes & Logouts
A new password change dialog has been added to the User Menu at the top right corner. From there, it is easy to either change the password or logout.
Launching Apps in Separate Windows
Apps can now be launched in separate windows (or tabs) with their own URL. This means that apps can also be bookmarked.

This proves to be very convenient for immediate access to popular apps. Just press Ctrl or Alt when clicking the app launcher in the Start app.
Editing Connection Settings
Connections can now be created, edited and removed directly from the Admin app (in the new "Connections" tab).

The connection details view also provides information about current usage, pool size, timeout values, connection errors, JDBC driver and more.
Storage & Plug-In Information
The Admin app has been improved to include direct links to the storage API for apps, connections and plug-ins. A new field also displays the source plug-in for apps, connections and procedures.
Updated Graphical Style
The graphical style for many of the platform UI components (widgets) has been updated. This can be seen on dialogs, tabs, buttons, text input fields and more. The default icon set has also been extended with many new icons to use in apps.
Plug-ins Stored in ZIP files
Plug-ins are now stored unpacked on the server, i.e. the plug-in ZIP files are used directly. Any contained JAR file is moved to a temporary location when the plug-in is loaded and removed when it is unloaded.
JDBC: Built-in Drivers for Drizzle, MySQL & PostgreSQL
JDBC drivers for Drizzle, MySQL & PostgreSQL are now bundled and provided with the JDBC plug-in. Due to license restrictions, drivers for other popular databases cannot at this time be included with the default distribution.
And Much More...
This release also contains several programmer-visible changes. These include new API functions, bundled jQuery and other libraries, changes to the storage model, etc. See the API documentation for more details.