MochiKit - makes JavaScript suck a bit less


To turn off MochiKit's export feature (which may be necessary for compatibility with some existing code), do this before loading MochiKit:

<script type="text/javascript">MochiKit = {__export__: false};</script>

When export mode is off, you must use fully qualified names for all MochiKit functions (e.g.


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Version History

2009-XX-YY v1.5

2009-XX-YY v1.4.3 (bug fix release)

2008-11-27 v1.4.2 (bug fix release)

2008-11-02 v1.4.1 (bug fix release)

2008-10-21 v1.4

2006-04-29 v1.3.1 (bug fix release)

2006-04-26 v1.3 "warp zone"

2006-01-26 v1.2 "the ocho"

2005-11-14 v1.1

2005-10-24 v1.0

2005-10-08 v0.90

2005-08-12 v0.80

2005-08-04 v0.70

2005-07-29 v0.60

2005-07-27 v0.50