HTTP Plug-In

The HTTP plug-in provides the ability to call external web servers or API:s through HTTP (HyperText Transport Protocol). This allows RapidContext to access simple web services or to retrieve remote content in a proxy-like way.

1. Built-in Procedure & Procedure Type

The HTTP plug-in provides two ways to perform an HTTP request from the RapidContext server:

All the procedures return the HTTP response data content as a plain string. If the HTTP response code wasn't 200, an error will instead be thrown by the procedures.


The HTTP plug-in does currently not provide access to the HTTP response headers. Neither does it support other operations than POST.

2. Parameter Substitution

HTTP POST headers and data may contain procedure call arguments (for procedures). These are substituted with the procedure argument values at call time. Each procedure argument name must be prefixed with a : character in order to be replaced:

# Substituting a 'name' procedure argument