JavaScript API Index

Namespace Summary
RapidContext.App Provides functions for application bootstrap and server communication.
RapidContext.Async A cancellable Promise that is backwards-compatible with MochiKit.Async.Deferred.
RapidContext.Browser Provides a browser compatibility and diagnostics information.
RapidContext.Encode Provides functions for encoding and decoding data.
RapidContext.Log Provides a logging service for debugging apps and server calls.
RapidContext.Procedure The procedure wrapper function.
RapidContext.Storage Provides functions for accessing the server storage (BETA).
RapidContext.UI Provides functions for creating and handling the user interface of an app.
RapidContext.Util Provides utility functions for basic objects, arrays, DOM nodes and CSS.
RapidContext.Widget The base class for the HTML user interface widgets.
RapidContext.Widget.Button The button widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Dialog The dialog widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Field The field widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Form The form widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.FormValidator The form validator widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Icon The icon widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Overlay The overlay widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Pane The pane widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Popup The popup widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.ProgressBar The progress bar widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.TabContainer The tab container widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Table The table widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.TableColumn The table column widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.TextArea The text area widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.TextField The text field widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Tree The tree widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.TreeNode The tree node widget class.
RapidContext.Widget.Wizard The wizard widget class.